Time for a mid-year review!

June is the perfect to time to look back and take stock of the year so far (and also to feel guilty for not updating this blog!). It’s hard to stay positive with everything that’s going on globally and at home, but good things do happen, so time to give a few of them an airing…

In March I was incredibly lucky to have been selected for an international residency at beautiful Moniack Mhor. I’d always wanted to visit, and to do so in that context, in the company of such lovely humans, was a high point in my life. So, a big shout out to Efe Paul Azino, Titilope Sonuga, Nadine Aisha Jassat, Sunnah Khan, Puja Changoiwala, Carly Brown, T.J.Benson and of course amazing Debris Stevenson, the Jessie Kesson Fellow and Translator Extraordinaire, Gemma Rovira Ortego.

Aided and abetted by Rachel and her amazing team, we quickly became like family- eating together, laughing together, chasing spiders, drinking wine, walking, talking and writing. What could be better?!

Here are some favourite moments:

Gaelic lessons with Heather!
The Hobbit House

Many a writing nook and the neighbours were wild…

So many beautiful views, and a few late nights…

We got out and about…

And made some noise!

Read some books and enjoyed the odd glass of wine or two when the writing was done!

Thank you, Moniack Mhor- it was an amazing experience!

4 thoughts on “Time for a mid-year review!

  1. Yvonne Johnston says:

    What an enchanting place to be and new friends to meet. A wonderful way to say goodbye to covid. Good luck and lots of joy in your writing Sandra.X


  2. Sandra Wilkie says:

    Lovely to see people meeting up and socialising after the Covid Years. Hopefully life will become more normal in lots of ways, fingers crossed. Good Luck with your publishing.


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