Are you sitting comfortably?Let’s Begin…

sandra dundee litfestOnce upon a time, in Grandmother’s House, there lived a writer. The house was not in a deep dark wood, as you might imagine, but right beside the sea. Inspirational, you might think, but rather cold and a bit windy.

    ‘Nothing ever happens here,’ complained the writer. ‘Carnoustie is famous for golf, but not much else. If only I could use the power of my imagination to put the old place on the map. Perhaps I could dream up a chilling basement, an abandoned mill, some strange taxidermy and a harp made out of bone? Or how about a mythical waterfall and an age-old story of witches…?’                              

                                      And she did…

  “The queen of Scottish folklore-inspired domestic noir”

                                                                                             (The Wee Review)


This summer sees the publication of Book One in my brand new series! SIGHT UNSEEN will be the very first SARAH SUTHERLAND thriller. You can read more about it HERE!