Angus Writers’ Circle & a bit of a do…

As promised, a post dedicated to Angus Writers’ Circle and an evening of murder, mystery and mayhem. Well, we do have a high percentage of crime writers in our midst…!

I’ve been privileged to be secretary of the group for the last five or six years, but collectively we are much older than that. This year the Circle celebrates its 25th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, it was decided that a Murder Mystery evening would be the very thing. Given that we meet in a decidedly dark and creepy baronial mansion, the scene was already set. Armed with only our imaginations and a deluded sense of our own acting abilities, all we were short of was a plot! Our very own Ann stepped up to put words in our mouths and suspicions in our heads…


Was it beastly Lord BB with a letter opener in the study? Was it the enfants terrible of the greenhouse with their magic mushrooms? Or was it PC Smith with his antique camera? The tension was palpable. Feather boas were twitched and the gloves (and pith helmets) came off. Mrs Miggins tightened her grip on her rolling pin and Jennings the butler’s snowy tea towel became grubbier by the minute. Everyone was under suspicion. Even Carola our landlady, bringing in the tea, looked suspicious.

In a finale worthy of….EastEnders, the  killer was unmasked!

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. The glamorous Fiona was not as she seemed. That wig had gone to her head!

Hopefully, it won’t be another 25 years before we can ham it up again, drink weird poisonous cocktails and get silly pictures taken. Happy Anniversary, Angus Writers’ Circle!


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