If it’s good enough for JK…

I don’t have any aspirations to write about a boy wizard but I couldn’t help posing in front of the place where it all began!

This Edinburgh cafe must be the most famous in the world, and not for it’s menu. The fact that J.K.Rowling  scribbled her best seller here over a cup of cold coffee is the stuff of literary legend, and there were scores of festival goers queuing up to share the experience on my recent trip to the city. I didn’t see any dog-eared, coffee-stained manuscripts, but plenty of cameras and smartphones!

It’s made me think about my own writing habits and whether anyone in the future will be interested in the fact that I:

a) write in my bare feet (‘in’, not ‘with’)

b) drink cold tea from mug with a wren on it.

c) cower under the Cloak of Darkness on cold mornings. That’s actually a fleecy throw and nothing to do with Hogwarts.

What are your legendary writing habits?!


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